Gaia Green Holdings was established as a holding company to deliver a full solution to the sustainable use of the Earth’s scarce resources. These solutions are broken down as follows:

  • Gaia Hydrus: Gaia Hydrus is focused on the remediation and desalination of water. Our solutions include the remediation of processed water from various industrial processes together with a patented water desalination process
  • Gaia Helius: Gaia Helius has a full solution offering for the generation of power from the sun. Gaia Green Holdings deploys solar energy as part of its holistic solution wherever possible. This is strategic for us as it is a wholly renewable energy and sustainable in its deployment.
  • Gaia Earth: Gaia Earth offers earth solutions. These include the conversion of hydrocarbon waste materials or unusable materials into higher value commodities.
  • Gaia Energy: Gaia Energy focuses on the production of energy from waste materials including municipal solid waste, medical waste and other toxic waste.